2019 - 20

Our vision is to facilitate journey of students from Information to knowledge and from knowledge to wisdom. In this process, the student does not only acquire formal education in the chosen area but receives all round understanding of the environment and social sensitivity required to become a responsible citizen.  Although most of our students belong to rural areas, it is important that they are sensitized about the stark contrast of urban part, which struggles for basic living and educational needs. Rural life poses many challenges. In some of these areas, students can contribute and improve their understanding through participation. The rural society also benefits from such participative activities. Towards this, the College NSS units are conducting Winter Special camps in villages, giving awareness on public health, malnutrition, water, sanitation.  

IQAC and staff of the college has taken the responsibility to enlighten the students regarding the value of education and its prospects, and thereby directing and motivating them towards their goals. For this purpose, the college has been organizing regular motivational classes by the eminent personalities and faculty members to bring the positive and qualitative change.            

Our college assumes that “when the students received the right education in the right time definitely it will augur well for their future development”. For achieving this objective, IQAC and faculty members focus on each and every student about their individual attendance, performance in internal and semester end examinations and in extra-curricular activities.            

In this way the college strives to build the positive approach for all-round development of the students there by contributing for their socio-economic wellbeing.

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