The procedures and policies for utilizing various facilities vary in different extents. The classrooms are of two categories, viz. departmental and common. The former types are exclusively meant for holding respective classes (Theory & Practical) of the department, while the latter category is meant for theory classes. These rooms are also used exclusively during the examination time, as decided by the affiliating university. However, for outside examinations, the college obtains a centre fee. The policies for using the college library are outlined in detail in the college prospectus as well as the college website.

The computers in the different academic departments are used by the academic staff for different purposes, like academic usage like accessing web resources, e-learning resources, practical works, etc.

The college canteen looks into the quality snacks and tea. The canteen functions on a free basis without rent.

Laboratories in various departments functions under the strict control of the respective departmental heads and the laboratory assistants/ attenders are responsible for maintaining the laboratory facilities, under instruction from the departmental heads. The Science Hub of the college is amalgamated with the Zoology, Botany, Chemistry, Physics, Applied Nutrition & Public Health and Computer Science Departments.

There is a Sports and Games Promotion Committee for maintaining the sports infrastructural facilities like the Basket Ball Court, Tennikoit, Kho- Kho, multipurpose playground and Gymnasium. The Gymnasium Hub is under the supervision of a Physical director, who is in charge of providing instruction to all members.

The day to day general cleanliness of the classrooms, toilets and campus is assigned to the attenders.

A caretaker of the college maintains all electrical problems and also runs the silent diesel generator set during electrical load shedding.

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